Fakel insurance company

Form of incorporationLtd
Address127106, Moscow, st. Gostinichnaya, 3
Phone+7 (495) 662-63-70
Company web-sitehttp://www.skfakel.ru/
Publish date2010-09-02


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Information Fakel insurance company

Limited Liability Insurance Company «FAKEL» was founded in Moscow in 2002. Company Registration Number 3756.
A permanent license number Minesterstva Finance 3756 77 implementation of 30.01.2009, the insurance company allows you to perform operations on all major types of insurance necessary to provide comprehensive insurance protection for corporate customers.
The company's management is implementing a systematic approach in managing the company, which essentially consists in the quality services customers and ensuring a high level of goodwill that prevailed in the area of present Insurance Company «FAKEL».
The company is financially stable. The authorized capital of the Insurance Company «FAKEL» is 49,000,000-00 rubles and paid for in cash.
The company, according to RBC, in the past two years, is among the largest Russian insurance companies.
Insurance company «FAKEL» has created an extensive network of representatives in various cities in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, where he focused core business of the insurance company.
Insurance company «FAKEL» is a universal insurer that specializes in liability insurance operators of sources of increased danger. Under this type of insurance company steadily since 2005, entered the Top 200 Russian insurers.
Another important component of the company's business is a voluntary comprehensive insurance entities, as well as group insurance of employees of enterprises from the accident.
The main clients are industrial enterprises, technology related to gas production.
Terms of insurance companies and reinsurance protection meet the latest standards of insurance.

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